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Schwing concrete delivery pipes are made of highly wear-resistant material. The flanged joints have stood the test on job sites; in combination with the respective couplings they comply with the requirements of absolute troublefree pumping. Different types of Schwing concrete delivery pipes are delivered to fill every requirement of the sites.
Concrete Delivery Pipes   Flanges
SCHWING straight pipe

- With male and female flanges.
- With flanges for cup-type couplings.
- Special Schwing flanges for super high pressure of up to PN 250.

  SCHWiNG Flange For concrete delivery pipelines with:
- Wall thickness 4mm and 4.5mm
- Wall thickness 7.1mm, thick-walled versions
- Up to PN 200, super high-pressure version
Pipe Bends   Concrete Delivery Hoses
SCHWIING Pipe Bend - With male and female flanges
- for cup-type couplings.
- Large radii for cup-type couplings
- Thick-walled with male and female flanges.
- Schwing flanges - super high pressure version.
< Male and female flanges for lateral outlets.
  SCHWING Hoses - With 4ply steel cord fabric, without joints.
- Joints with aluminium cups for connection to delivery hoses.
- Joints with Band-it-connection to concrete delivery hoses.
- End hoses with unilateral joints for cup-type couplings.
- End hoses with lateral aluminium cup joints.
- End hoses with unilateral aluminium cup joint and female flanges.
Transition pipes   Handle Holding Bars
SCHWING Reducer < connecting high-pressure lines of up to PN 200 with normal male flanges   SCHWING Handling Bars - for end hoses
Pipe Couplings   Pipe Cleaning Heads
SCHWING Cup Type Couplings



- Cup-type couplings.



- Cup-type tension couplings with wedge closing devise, super high-pressure version.

  SCHWING Cleaning Heads

- With male flanges, with joint for air and water.


- With male flanges for water pressure devices.


- For lorry-mounted concrete pump with Rock valve.
- Pipe Cleaning Plates for cleaning with water, to be used for lorry-mounted concrete pumps.

Pipe Cleaning Balls   Trap Baskets
SCHWING Cleaning Ball - For cleaning the pipelines with air or water.   SCHWING Trap Baskets - With female flanges.
Hydraulic Pipe Switches   Branch Pipes
SCHWING Pipe Switch - Hydraulic pipe switches.   SCHWING Branch Pipes - Branch pipes
Clamping Pipes   Outlets
SCHWING Clamping Pipes - Reduction pipes with male and female flanges.   SCHWING Rear Outlets - For portable concrete pumps with clamping devices.
SCHWING Reduction pipes - Reduction pipes with male and female joints with eyes for clamping devices.   SCHWING flat gate valves < For lorry mounted concrete pumps with flat gate valves.
- Reduction outlets BP/BPL - extending pipelines.
Connection Pipes   Circular Concrete Distributor
SCHWING Connection Pipes - Male and female joints with eye clamping devices.   SCHWING Circular Concrete Distributor - Circular concrete distributor with double-bend swivel joint.
Lateral Pipeline Outlet   Shut-Off Valves
SCHWING Lateral pipeline outlet - Lateral pipeline outlet for portable concrete pumps.   SCHWING Shut-Off Valves Hydraulic shut-off valves:
- With male and female flanges.
- With flanges for cup-type couplings.
- For concrete pressure to PN 200, super high-pressure version.
- Drives for hydraulic shut-off valves
SCHWING Lateral pipeline outlet - Lateral pipeline outlet for lorry-mounted concrete pumps.   SCHWING Shut-Off Valves


- Mechanical shut-off valves.

Chamber Valve  
SCHWING Chamber Valve   - Environmentally friendly and cost effective.
- For the efficient clearing and cleaning of boom pipelines.
- Cleaning ball propelled by either compressed air or pressurised water chases the concrete out of the boom pipeline and into the formwork.
- Sets standard with sophisticated control mechanisms.
End Hose Stop Valve  
SCHWING End Hose Stop Valve  

- Avoids uncontrolled after-run retaining concrete reliably inside the pumping line.
- Stop valve synchronous with concrete pump.
- Light-weight design to avoid reducing end hose length.
- Compressed-air-operated valve acts from outside on the end hose, therefore not exposed to wear.
- Available for all truck-mounted and truck-mixer concrete pumps.

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